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Green-Zones - About us

Green-Zones with their webportals www.green-zones.eu, www.umwelt-plakette.de, (environmental badge), www.lez-france.fr , www.umweltpickerl.at, (emission sticker), www.ecosticker.dk, www.lez-belgium.be and www.blaue-plakette.de (blue badge) inform about the subjects fine dust and nitrogen oxides in the environment and the growing traffic restrictions in European countries as a result of the environmental areas/LEZ introduction. Since this information on permanent and weather-dependent (temporary) environmental zones in Europe and in the respective countries is not offered centrally by public authorities and, in our opinion, it is often inadequate, Green-Zones offers comprehensive information on this matter. This information is provided not only on our main website www.green-zones.eu but also on around 40 different websites in up to 23 languages and in the free Green-Zones App available in 9 languages. The expenses for the personnel, the translations and the administration of the websites and the Green-Zones App, as well as the daily researches and the editorial work are included in the acquisition of fine dust and environmental badges for privates and companies.
Other services offered include the registration in the LEZ environmental zones and the sale of static and dynamic data on environmental zones to companies. We provide legal badges and vignettes to individual tourists and transport professionals, as well as registrations and entry permits.
Currently, we provide the following badges: the German environmental badge (Umweltplakette), the French Crit´Air Vignette, the Austrian environmental badge (Umwelt-Pickerl), the Green-Zones REG-Certificate for Belgium (as proof of registration), the Spanish Distintivo Ambiental, the European E-Badge (E-Plakette) and the Danish EcoSticker.
Other badges will follow in the next years, such as the German Blue Badge (NOx badge) and the Czech Emisni-Plaketa.