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The LEZ Valencia environmental zone

The LEZ Valencia environmental zone
The city of Valencia, which was founded in 138 BC, is located in the eastern part of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. Valencia is the capital of the province with the same name. It has around 792,000 inhabitants on an area of approx.135 km² and is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.
The LEZ Valencia environmental zone, which was approved on 15.11.2007 and came into force on 01.01.2008, is a temporary environmental zone that covers the entire city area as well as smaller districts outside the city boundaries.
The urban LEZ (Low Emission Zone) is also called ZBE (Zona Bajas Emissions) in Spain and is only activated during traffic-related air pollution peaks.

In Valencia, the pollutants nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter PM10 contribute to the activation of air pollution alerts and early warnings.
If NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) exceeds the limit values of 180 µg/m3, 200 µg/m3 and 400 µg/m3, or PM10 (particulate matter) exceeds the average daily limit values of 50 µg / m3 and 80 µg / m3, different measures are implemented by the city authorities.
Depending on the duration and intensity of the air pollution peaks, the measures taken by the city are activated following 3 stages.

The current status of access rights to the zone for individual vehicle types and an overview for different weekdays and times can only be viewed in the Green-Zones app.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Nome della zona ambientale:
Zona ambientale LEZ Valencia – Spagna
Zona ambientale in vigore dal:
Tipo di zona ambientale:
Zona ambientale LEZ, dipendente dalle condizioni meteorologiche, con limitazioni al traffico e divieti di circolazione, attivata in seguito all’annuncio di uno stato di preallerta.
90 €
Territorio/ estensione della zona ambientale:
La zona ambientale comprende la regione storica della Comunità valenzana L'Horta de Velència.
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