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The LEZ Madrid/City environmental zone

The LEZ Madrid/City environmental zone is an outer, temporary zone around the LEZ Madrid/M-30 and the ZEZ Madrid/Central. This urban LEZ (Low Emission Zone) environmental zone is also called ZBE (Zona Bajas Emissions) in Spain and was approved by the City Council of Madrid on 27.09.2018 in the Protocolo de actuación para episodios de contaminación por dióxido de nitrógeno and came into force on 08.10.2018. On the basis of the 5 scenarios of the protocol, the LEZ Madrid is dividided into two zones by Green-Zones: Madrid/M-30 and the surrounding districts of Madrid city.
The LEZ Madrid/City environmental zone covers the entire city area outside the M-30 motorway ring road with its 21 urban districts.
In the Madrid/City environmental zone, traffic restrictions and/or driving bans apply during weather or traffic-related air pollution peaks, which are staggered according duration and intensity in up to 5 scenarios. This ranges from speed reductions, the promotion of public transport, the prohibition of parking in many places to driving bans.

The area of the LEZ Madrid/City and its inner LEZ Madrid/M-30 covers 606 km² and counts around 3.1 million inhabitants. The city (Ciudad) Madrid includes the metropolitan area of Madrid (Area Metropolitana de Madrid) with an area of 4,610 km² and 5.85 million inhabitants. The metropolis Madrid itself is part of the municipality (Comunidad) Madrid, which is one of 17 Spanish provinces with 8,030 km² and about 6.5 million inhabitants.

The most likely driving bans for vehicles without a Distintivo Ambiental (affecting EURO classes 0-3) will occur when scenario no. 2 comes into force, i.e. when the early warning stage has been proclaimed on two consecutive days. In case of scenario no. 5, the worst alarm stage, for example, the B and C badge classes are banned from traffic. This means that only electric, gas and hybrid vehicles are allowed to enter the LEZ Madrid/M-30. For all 5 scenarios read the info on the right hand-side column.

The two Madrid/Central and Madrid/M-30 environmental zones regulate the entry access rights, the parking areas and their costs via a regulated parking system, the 5 stages of the air protection protocol and the four badge types.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Naam van de milieuzone:
LEZ-milieuzone Madrid/stad - Spanje
Milieuzone geldig sinds:
Soort milieuzone:
Weersgebonden LEZ-milieuzone met verkeersbeperkingen en rijverboden die geldig zijn na de aankondiging van een waarschuwing, een waarschuwing of alarm door de gemeenteraad van Madrid in het geval van een luchtvervuilingsfase bij NO2-waarden hoger dan 180, 200 en 400 μg/m³.
Boetes :
90 €
Gebied van de milieuzone:
De stad Madrid is verdeeld in 21 districten (distritos), die worden onderverdeeld in verschillende wijken (barrios). De 21 gemeenten die LEZ Madrid/stad zijn:
1 Centro, 2 Arganzuela, 3 Retiro, 4 Salamanca, 5 Chamartín, 6 Tetuán, 7 Chamberí, 8 Fuencarral-El Pardo, 9 Moncloa-Aravaca, 10 Latina, 11 Carabanchel, 12 Usera, 13 Puente de Vallecas, 14 Moratalaz, 15 Ciudad Lineal, 16 Hortaleza, 17 Villaverde, 18 Villa de Vallecas, 19 Vicálvaro, 20 San Blas, 21 Barajas.
Order a Spanish Distintivo Ambiental badge for ZEZ / LEZ environmental zones in Spain here.