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The LEZ Valladolid environmental zone

The city of Valladolid is located in the north of Spain, at an elevation of 700 m in the Tierra de Campos plateau about 200 km away from the coastal city of Santander. Valladolid is the capital of the province with the same name. It has around 300,000 inhabitants on an area of approx.198 km². Valladolid is known among others as the city where the famous navigator Christopher Columbus died on 20.05.1506.
The LEZ Valladolid environmental zone, which came into force on 01.02.2017, is a temporary environmental zone and covers the historic city centre.
In the event of air pollution peaks, some specific traffic restrictions are imposed on the main access roads to the city, in order to effectively reduce traffic and pollutants.
The urban LEZ (Low Emission Zone) is also called ZBE (Zona Bajas Emissions) in Spain and is only activated during traffic-related air pollution peaks.

In Valladolid, several pollutants contribute to the activation of air pollution alerts and early warnings. These are nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM10), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3). When precisely defined limit values are reached, the city authorities issue early warnings and alerts and apply driving bans.

Depending on the duration and intensity of the air pollution peaks, the measures taken by the city are activated following 3 stages.

The current status of access rights to the zone for individual vehicle types and an overview for different weekdays and times can only be viewed in the Green-Zones app.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Naam van de milieuzone:
LEZ-milieuzone Valladolid - Spanje
Milieuzone geldig sinds:
Soort milieuzone:
Weersgebonden LEZ-milieuzone met verkeersbeperkingen en rijverboden die geldig zijn na de aankondiging van een waarschuwing.
Boetes :
90 €
Gebied van de milieuzone:
De zone in het midden wordt beperkt door: Calle San Quirce, Calle Cardenal Torguemada, Rondilla de Santa Teresa, Calle Gondomar, Calle Chancillerfa, Calle Ramon y Cajal, Calle Cardenal Mendoza, Calle Pedro Barruecos, Calle Alonso Pesquera, Plaza cruz Verde, Calle Labradores, Calle Acibelas, Calle Cadena, Calle Vega, Plaza Espaiia, Calle Miguel fscar, Plaza de Zor.
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